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About Lexus 



On May 20th, 2018, Lexus Fernandez had an unforeseen brain hemorrhage at 20 years old. Instantly she lost her job and could not continue her college education at Roger Williams University in RI. From the brain injury, she gained aphasia which is a language disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate.  

The brain ruptured on the left side of her head affecting her ability to speak, read, write, listen, understand grammar, reason, logic, number skills, and some memory. Within 2 weeks of being admitted into the hospital, she had a rushed craniotomy surgery. The surgery removes a piece of the skull to give some relief to the brain so it would stop swelling. After over a month she was able to leave the hospital. Once an independent, strong, ambitious young woman was now supervised 24/7 with no ability to go back to her normal livelihood. 

She was scheduled to get her skull piece back on September 16th, 2018 but after anesthesia, the main surgeon put the surgery to a halt. The surgeon realized Lexus’s name did not match the name on the bone piece tag. Due to this, Lexus had to live almost an extra month without the surgery in excruciating pain. She became whole again on October 22nd, 2018 after the 3rd surgery attempt. Only then she was able to start her rehabilitation which began the foundation of Soulita soon after.


Lexus R. S. Fernandez only knows one way in life and that’s forward. She may be young but she has overcome many battles in her life at a very young age. Coming from her personal experiences: suicide survivor, child abuse survivor, navigating through family plights, and a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor all happened before she was 21 years old. 


No matter who you are and what pain you have gone through, Lexus’s story shares the tools to change your life and heal from the past. Her messages allows people to connect through overcoming at the lowest stages in life. She has spoken her story and the lessons from it to Rhode Island College, Mount Pleasant High school, Non-profit organizations, and was featured in a docu-series “Women of Providence”. 


Her talks messages commonly talk about:


Thriving with Disabilities 

Importance of Mindset

How to Overcome 

Healing yourself through Art

Pain is Fuel


She hopes to be invited to local churches to share her testimony and meet one-on-one with other ruptured brain aneurysm survivors in the future.


Soulita is award-winning e-commerce, multifunctional lifestyle skincare brand. 


During Lexus’s stay in the hospital, her skin became scarred and highly sensitive. Once she started her rehabilitation, she created vegan natural products for a solution to her skin concerns. Within the first year, with help from the co-founder Evan Delpeche, Soulita took off with 11 retail partners and now building a 3,000 sq ft. warehouse. Soulita has been featured in publications like RI Monthly (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9), Boston Globe, Providence Monthly, The Providence Journal, By Hand Serial, and The Fiscal Femme, etc. Soulita also won the Editors Choice BEST IN RI for Vegan Soap and Skin Care 2021. 


Soulita offers a wide variety collection of vegan skin solutions, providing self-care that acts as a meditation to purify and restore yourself. The brand extends on touching on a generation and lifestyle by creating diversity that’ll build economic vitality and uplift sustainability in Rhode Island communities. Founders, Lexus R. S. Fernandez, and Evan Delpeche are committed to bringing quality products to the wellness industry.

Visit Soulita here.


Truly being a multifaceted woman, Lexus takes pride in being boundless especially when someone says she can’t do something. Whether performing in an open mic, dancing, painting, or cooking, she is never afraid to try something new. 


When she’s not working on Soulita she is at home with her laptop or a book open. The brain bleeds inspired her to research neuroscience daily to deeply understand what happened to her, how to overcome the disabilities and to learn how the brain works. Whether it’s about hormones, parts of the brain, or systems of the body, she never lives mundane because there’s so much to learn. 


With her journey of self-improvement, she constantly is trying to better herself. Lexus hopes to become a best-selling author to spread her story and success. Through Soulita's outlet, she and her partner Evan like to put together events like community clean-ups and marketplaces. She believes that as an entrepreneur it is her duty to revitalize the community they serve. 

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